CSIRO Kensington Campus
ARRC Building, Western Australia


The Maia Mapper Facility as part of the future Australian Resources Characterisation Facility (ACRF) and is located in the existing ARRC Building, in Wing E on the CSIRO Kensington Campus, WA. The design is based on a “box within a box” inside the Process Bay facility and is a standalone facility with complex engineering design and performance requirements. It is part of a broader master plan strategy for CSIRO in the ARRC building with expansion capability for additional technologies.


About the Maia Mapper… the world’s first high performance analysis tool that uses micro-X-ray fluorescence imaging to ‘illuminate’ trace elements of interest to mineral exploration and processing companies. It allows scientists to measure low concentrations of chemical elements with the precision of the thickness of a human hair in samples that are 50 cm long. This combination of sensitive, fine-scale and large area analysis – from the micro-to-metre scale – will transform our understanding of how elements are distributed around major ore deposits.

Images by L2D Architects.