L2D Architects have been regular presenters and keynote speakers at conferences in animal, plant, and laboratory research. Training and mentoring is an intrinsic part of creating awareness and design excellence in the design of containment facilities in these highly complex and engineered facilities.


IQPC Conference, Designing Research Facilities, Sydney May 2015. Colin was the Chair for the Conference as well as a Keynote Speaker. Joint Presentation with Tony Agostino, titled, “Latest Design in Glasshouse and Controlled Environment Design” presenting the science requirements and a range of Australian examples of plant science facilities.

University of Newcastle – Visioning Workshop 2014, “Trends in Bioresources Facility Design.”

TEFMA 2013 (Hobart) – “Developing and Sticking to the Design Principles”, joint presentation with previous HMRI Director Professor Maree Gleeson, outlining the successful engagement of Client and Designers to deliver the vision for a new Building for a “virtual institute.”

SIA, Science Industry Association; numerous presentations:

  • 2013: “Containment vs Cleanability – Can We Talk?”, interactive presentation outlining some of the difficulties in obtaining regulatory approval and the challenges and inconsistencies in application of regulatory approval.
  • 2011: The Laboratory Engine Room Works from Inside Out – a joint presentation with Maureen O’Keefe of The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, illustrating the WEHI management structure and approach to procuring the building.
  • 2006: SPF Rodent Facilities – a Look at Planning & Technology Alternatives, a review of 3 case studies.
  • 2006: Phylotrax – Animal Management Software, illustrating a specific designed software system for animal research – Colin developed the software with a specialist IT firm, Neuragenix.

SIA, Science Industry Association; numerous presentations:

  • 2022 Adelaide: “The Great (PC) Debate.”
  • 2013 Auckland: “Getting in and out” of a PC2 facility” – looking at PC2 laboratory entry and exit and hygiene requirements for best practice in staff welfare to support research.
  • 2011 Melbourne: “Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute – The Design” – a look at the complex resolution of the NSW High Containment Biosecurity Facility designed by S2F.

SKM Thought Leadership Forum, Adelaide – “Institutional Waste”, looking at the various waste management strategies for contaminated/contained and non-contaminated waste.

Australasian Controlled Environment Working Group 2012 (Wagga) – “This is a Controlled Environment… What Now?” – presentation outlining three CSIRO glasshouse and controlled environment projects, in Canberra and Perth.

First International Plant Phenomics Symposium, 2009 (Canberra) – presenting the CSIRO High Throughput Plant Phenomics Facility, winner of the ACT Architectural Heritage Award.

Technet 2007 (Gold Coast) – “Designers and Operators Post Occupancy Review of a Transgenic Rodent Facility” at the Kerry Packer Institute at the Children’s Hospital Westmead – the presentation compared notes with Karen Brennan, Facility Manager, and reviewed the process of procurement and the operational outcomes.

Biocontainment Workshop 2007 (Geelong) – in support of Bio2ic, addressing animal research biocontainment and biosafety.

ANZLAA 2004 to 2011 – numerous presentations on large and small animal facility design:

  • 2011 (Hobart): “The HMRI Model for Rodent Research – is the Traditional Clean and Dirty Corridor Dead?”, joint presentation with David Fletcher, S2F.
  • 2010: “A Buyer’s Guide to Vivarium Design” – sharing Colin’s experience of 12 years in designing and constructing such facilities by outlining the basic principles to briefing and understanding the options open to purchasers of new facilities.
  • 2004: Personnel Movement and Associated Garment Procedures.

LabBuild 2004 – Biocontainment Facilities of the Future.

Bio-containment facilities, special use or generic – addressing the prevention/mitigation of cross contamination.

AUSA Laboratory Conference 2010 (Sydney University) – “Providing a Clear Design Message” (Safety in the Laboratory) – designing with safety in mind and illustrating “unsafe” existing facilities and methods to mitigate and fix the OH&S risks.


CSIRO Labs of the Future (LOTF) Symposium – 2021, Colin was asked to present from an architectural perspective to a national and international symposium hosted by the CSIRO and to take a forward look at the future of laboratory planning and operation.

AFLAS 2010 Taipei, Taiwan – “A Buyer’s Guide to Vivarium Design” – with a more China/Asia Focus.

Labs21 – Sustainable Laboratories conferences:

  • 2007 – From Rodents to Ruminants – an Australian Story.
  • 2006 – Adaptive Reuse and CSIRO Entomology (joint presentation with Antony Mikulic, CSIRO Corporate Property).

Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Engineering Excellence Conference, 2008 (Beijing China) – two separate presentations on laboratory design and animal facility design outlining current trends and outcomes of S2F projects in Australasia.

The Bernadini Foundation, Managing Resources in the Modern Animal Facility 2015 Training Series – Colin and David delivered a presentation on “Principles of Facility Characterisation and Operations” in the month of February 2015 – the 3-day workshop was held in La Trobe University, Victoria.


Please contact us for more information about the local and international study tours that L2D personnel have been involved with.